Sanctuary. Refugium.
Hideaway. Escape.

Various names for the same concept. At time we all wish to hide, retreat or escape, looking to find a sanctuary or refuge, from the monotony of the everyday.


Skalní Mlýn - Adršpach

Our renovated historical mill, dating back to the 18th Century, located deep in the ancient heart of the Adršpach Rocks in pristine unspoilt nature provides the ideal sanctuary for anyone who longs for the freeing embrace of relaxation.

We offer

  • Individually themed rooms.
  • A pleasant restaurant. 
  • Unique surroundings to explore. 
  • Major trekking/hiking tracks and cycling tracks leading by the hotel.

Virtual tour

View the interiors of the Skalní Mlýn Hotel in 360° panoramic views , all from the comfort of your chair.

„Bold, overhanging, and as it were threatening, rocks; clouds piled up in the sky, moving with lightning flashes and thunder peals; volcanos in all their violence of destruction; hurricanes with their track of devastation; the boundless ocean in a state of tumult; the lofty waterfall of a mighty river, and such like; these exhibit our faculty of resistance as insignificantly small in comparison with their might. But the sight of them is the more attractive, the more fearful it is, provided only that we are in security; and we readily call these objects sublime, because they raise the energies of the soul above their accustomed height, and discover in us a faculty of resistance of a quite different kind, which gives us courage to measure ourselves against the apparent almightiness of nature.”

Immanuel Kant
(Critique of Judgment, Of the Dynamically Sublime in Nature)